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Looking forward for a great  2018 as I am lucky enough to be riding with Pat Parelli in his Master Class in Sydney in March 10-11, 2018 at K Ranch Arena, Mount Hunter

Planning for our journey down to Sydney from Katherine in the NT. Last year I drove down to Parelli Centre in Sydney with Bounce my four-legged partner. This was a very eventful trip with the float losing a wheel in Tennant Creek, broken springs in float, bent axles that had to be replaced in Sydney, engine issues and electrical issues with the car, a lose towball and another few minor repairs. The journey took 6 days there and 6 days return journey. Bounce took all this in his stride even when the wheel on the float (on his side) parted company and never seen again.

Thanks to my brother-in-law (Rod)  who drove down with me my husband Ian who drove back with me. Much family support so that I could attend the clinics at Centre with Neil Pye The support I received from the team and other students who participated was fantastic and inspiring. I could of stayed there for ever!!

The progress both myself and Bounce made was remarkable!
The fun we both had was what keeps me wanting to go back for more!

Being in Katherine clinics are limited however I would like to thank the Parelli 4 Star Instructors, David Grace and Fiona Darling for running clinics in the NT. for the past 10 years and more.

I am really looking forward to riding with Pat and I am sure it will be a life changing event for both myself and Bounce. It is the only system in the world that gives you ongoing support and motivation to keep improving both yourself and your horse. I thank the Parelli’s for their years of support and these fantastic opportunities here in Australia.

Preparations for the trip down in March continue but this time I will be sending Bounce with a reputable Horse Transporter so that he will be comfortable and hopefully the trip will be free from breakdowns. I myself will fly down from Darwin (3 hours north of Katherine) and will meet Bounce on arrival in Sydney and I will hire a car and accommodation for the time we are there!

I plan to have Bounce transported to K Ranch a week before the event so that we will be able to familiarise ourselves to the new environment before the event. Hoping to see YOU at the Master Class in Sydney and thanks again for choosing myself and Bounce to ride with Pat in March 2018. Keep it Natural and have FUN!


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