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My Name is Leny and I first experienced Parelli well over 25 years ago. I had a horse that refused to get on a float. The harder everyone pushed him the firmer he said No. I read a flyer on the saddlery notice board that read something like ‘guaranteed to get your horse on the float’ so very curious to find out more I phoned the number on the flyer and arranged for this person to help me.

The Parelli instructor certainly got my horse on the float but also started my Parelli journey. Four years ago a horse named Donny came into my life. He was unhappy and cranky, well over what humans had to offer him and said NO a lot.

He had trained people to get off him and would not go forward. I had no choice but to use the psychology of the Parelli program and this sparked my interest into learning more and more and this time is when I really felt like I started the program and delved deeper to try and learn more to help this horse.

Donny has made great progress and I feel like I was getting more understanding of what he needed, his confidence has grown, he is interested in solving puzzles, and his ears are coming forward.

Donny’s challenges, with his left brain introvert tendencies, are finding out what motivates him to put in effort. His strengths are also his left brained tendencies, he is super smart and super cute. I love the Parelli program for what it has taught me, for the friends it has brought into my life, my Parelli family, for teaching me patience, not to give up trying and to keep learning as much as I can and mostly for teaching me how to have the best possible relationship with my horse.

My goal is to keep having fun and to keep learning as much as I can to help make the world a better place for horses. I know that we are not supposed to be anthropomorphic, but hey, I love that my horse now smiles at me and is happy to see me and that he looks at me sometimes like he is saying ‘hey you can speak a little horse, and i like it’! Thanks to Pat for sharing his understanding of horses and making this program available to us and to Linda and all the Parelli professionals who pass the knowledge along and to the support teams that help them.

Leny Beahan, NSW, Australia.