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It certainly is hard to settle back into reality, after spending two days riding with Pat!

Wow, wow, wow. The weekend was full of many different amazing discoveries & emotional ups & downs. I had a great two days riding with Pat (wish it could have been longer) although I don’t think Gym would say he same thing ?. He is right now seething over the thought that Pat has taught me to have way more willpower than him & that he now can’t ignore my legs.

I had so many ahah moments & discoveries. Pat was extremely patient with me but at the same time consistent & on the point.

He gave me the confidence to stop babying Gym when he became right brained & to tell Gym that he needed to trust in me. Pat made me a better leader.

The amazing feeling when Gym listened to my legs & body. At home prior to this I thought I had that pretty good but Pat has just taken us to the next level.

I have attached a couple of pics as well. Hope this is what you are after.

PS. Neil was also very supportive & inspiring.

Katherine Bradley