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Just had the most wonderful horse time and ride with Mac, my OTTB, I trust it was as good for him as it was for me! Lots of blowing out and licking and chewing by both of us, so a good sign all round.

A different start to 2020, as many of you know my mum passed away in the UK at the end of January, February I travelled back to the UK to join my family to farewell mum. In March my brother and his wife came over from the UK and spent time with us, visiting the boys and meeting their families, they just made it back to the UK as the world locked down.

Then for a little over 6 weeks we have been in self isolation at Wilton, with the ponies, Bohdi, Alfie and the amazing wildlife we share this wonderful land with. It’s been special time, to ponder; think about childhood in the UK, my parent’s bravery bringing their 3 young children to an unknown land, and a reminder of how quickly time passes. As Pat says “the days can be long, but the years fly bye”.

I have found my horsemanship practice cathartic during the past 6 weeks. Moving my body most mornings, 12 minutes on the trampoline, about the same time hula hooping (love it), then it’s time for my Mac Attack…. Focusing on my horse’s needs, applying the phase sequence, keeping it interesting for him, rewarding the try, releasing and remembering to say ‘thank you’.

I hope Mac likes when I stand the trot as much as I do, to feel him powering along below me, blowing out, while I focus forward and feeling my calf muscles stretching, Is quite magical and addictive. Horsemanship has helped me be in the present moment, feel alive and enjoy the NOW. So many lessons and reminders to count our blessings and make the most of every day we get to see the sunrise.

What was your experience during these weeks of enforced isolation?

We’d love to hear your story.