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I grew up on the coast in the northern suburbs of Perth, WA playing football in the winter and body surfing waves in the summer. It was a far cry from teaching horsemanship. It all started when my family and I went holidaying at a farm stay where they had horses. From that point I have needed to play with and ride horses.

In 2007 I headed for the Parelli Campus in Florida for a 6 week Course and through some persistence scored a position as a Ranch Hand for the next 12 months. In the summer of 2008 I was a student in a 10 week long University Module which included a 3 week ‘Colt Start’ led by 5-Star Australian Instructor Rob McAuliffe.

In June 2009, I returned to America as an Intern in the Mastery Program. At the start of 2010 I became a Protégé and received a 3rd Star as an Instructor and a rating as a Parelli Licensed Horse Development Specialist. During the last 6 yrs I have been based in Western Australia on my facility in Bridgetown where I develop horses and I intend to offer 1 and 2 week courses for students who wish to immerse themselves in their horsemanship. I have also had the opportunity to teach ‘Fast Track’ and ‘Foundation of Horsemanship’ course in the UK, Germany and here in Australia. In November on 2015 I received my 4th Star in Instruction in front of a home crowd at the Perth Live event. It was a great experience.

After spending the last 15 yr studying the Parelli program, I have a strong understanding of being natural with horses and it’s importance, not only for the horses sake but for myself also. I hope that you’re ready for your journey and I look forward to coming and helping you with the ingredients you need to become successful with horses.

Sam is based in Yornup, WA, don’t miss a unique opportunity to study with him here at the Parelli Centre Australia for our Advancing 4 Savvy’s  2 week course this October.

To find out more about this course clinic here or call us on 02 4630 9443