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Riding with Pat Parelli in March at K Ranch was an experience of a lifetime! Pat has an amazing way of teaching and his ability to simplify made everything so clear. I learnt so much about how little we really need to use our reins, we spent a lot of time using our seat, legs and focus as the main communication with our horses. Pat gave us some fantastic tips on shoulders in, quarters in and yielding which I really enjoyed. I am extremely happy with how my horse/partner Dizzie went during the clinic, he is a true testament to the program and riding him with Pat was something I will always remember

Jess, NSW

If you would like to fully immerse yourself in your horsemanship and set your horse up for success with a great foundation, then why not try one of our week or 2 week courses here at the Centre. We have a 1 week course in September, and a 2 week Course in October 2018