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My horse Doc was given to me as an unbroken 4 year old by a very dear friend of mine who bred him, unfortunately my friend who had a cancer died a few months later.
I rode and trained him to the best of my ability at the time.

He was pretty good at home and on the Trail, but as I soon learned people places changes and things all affect horses in different ways.
I decided I needed some help after he played up when I took him to a show. Although I have had horses most of my life and I’m now 56 I started to realise something was missing.

I thought I had a good connection with him but when I started learning the Parelli way, my connection with him and his confidence grew to a whole new level.

One of the first things I discovered was that he was a right brain introvert, which told me a lot more about him, I thought he was much more confident, how wrong I was.

After having some clinics with Neil Pye and Sam Caporn I learned more about Doc and how best to guide him and make him more confident, I also learned a lot more about myself and that actually I was a lot like Doc!!! I had 3 weeks of nearly continuous courses with Neil and Sam which was an experience that I will never forgot and one of the best times of my life.

I am still on that journey, but now I have a HAPPY HORSE and a CONFIDENT PARTNER that trusts me and I trust him!

I plan on going to more clinics and eventually take him to a back to a show ring.

I also love that I have met new friends and belong to a community who have the same mind set and love horses as much as I do.

Thank you Neil, Sue, Sam and all the girls at Wilton who help us along the way.

Sharon Horner, NSW, Australia.

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