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Watching the rain fall, particularly on a Sunday seems like the universe is giving one the permission to just experience the day, without having to do or achieve too much.
The rhythm of the falling rain seems to help us to find a ‘better balance’ at least for this day, between doing and being.

I think it very similar with our horses.

As people/predators we are compelled it seems to do a lot, and when it comes to time with our horses and their training, we tend to often arrive with quite a to do and achieve list.

Understandable enough I guess but from the lens of our horse, our ambition, expectation and inevitable judgement can bring to our shared moments an energetic unsettling unintended effect.

If you’re thinking by now, well this is getting all a bit complicated, as all we are hoping to do is have a good session with our horse, fair enough.

I guess the message here is to be with our horse as best we can, like we are with ourselves on a rainy Sunday.

Balancing better what seems to be the opposing forces of doing and being and still achieving a positive outcome for our time together.

This attitude of observing more and judging a little less, will help us deliver our only available messages of friendly, feel and push to our horse in such a way they energetically feel we are doing things with and for him.

A little closer to finding our partner within.

Neil Pye
July 2020