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We received this message from Mia Ryan who lives in the Hunter Valley, NSW September 2020. Check out our Facebook page for the video she sent us!

“I brought my Warmblood, Rumpelstiltskin to my first Clinic with Neil 2 years ago now as a LAST RESORT. There was so much pressure put on both of us to succeed that it just became too much. I’m not sure who was more scared, me or Rumple! He became un-rideable, bucking, bolting, not moving. I couldn’t even walk him around the whole arena without spooking let alone trot or canter. Even taking him to and from the paddock was near impossible. I was told by multiple people to give up before he killed me, but with the help of Neil and Sue and the Parelli Program, Rumple and I have grown and formed an incredible partnership based on mutual trust. I have found myself looking forward to our rides and have so much fun now. We are training laterals now after every ride we go for a hack out in a 25-acre paddock on the buckle and completely relaxed.I want to thank Neil so incredibly much, I couldn’t have done it without his knowledge and support throughout this ongoing process.”

Mia & Rumple

September 2020